Ethan Chandler

Hello, I’m Ethan and I enjoy Data Engineering, Data Science, Python, API Development, and ETL Development

Machine Learning

Developed a prediction model using Pandas to import and clean data, Scikitlearn to train and create prediction model. In this project, Juston Bryant and I were able to train a ML model to attempt to predict NBA shots and their success. Using the available data from the NBA we looked at time on the clock, location on the floor, and player we were able to train a model to predict the success or failure of a shot.

Camping Booking Web Application

Creating a web application to create booking entries for campgrounds. My personal duties on this project were User Creation and Campsite Creation using the MEAN (Mongo, Express, Angular, NodeJS) stack for development. When all parts were put together our team created a web application that could be used for booking campsites on a campground and be managed by an admin to see checkouts, checkins, and issues regarding campsites.

College Affordability Dashboard

A Tableau Dashbord that has reporting on the Affordability of Colleges in the United States. This dashboard uses data from to produce a comparison of states and regions to better understand college costs. The dashboard also looks at the ways that grants are awarded to students and the trends to look for in each state.